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December 17th, 2004, 09:49 AM
Posts: n/a twins are allergic to most generic brands. I dont know what it is but Dri-Bottoms, Rite-aid, Walgrens, White Cloud etc all cause their poor little thighs to break out. We have used the Toys R Us brand before and they worked when they were younger but leak WAY too much now (costs more to do the laundry than pay the extra 2-5.00 a case for Huggies) I have not tried Target Brand (yes I know Ashley you swear by them) but I don't want to put my children thru anymore rashes. So Huggies it is, they can wear pampers and Luvs but I HATE the perfume smell. I dont wear scented pads why would I put scented diapers on the kids? (Jon bought Luvs this last payday and I HATED IT) I normally just give FIL money once a month and he grabs us two cases of Huggies at Costco. I wish the Costco still had Kirkland brand, Krystle did fine with those as a baby and she also was allergic to most generic brands.
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