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May 8th, 2007, 09:45 AM
Pure Innocence
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How do you all feel about the term "stepmom or stepdad?
Do you think it is an approrpiate term to use?
Do you refer to your children as "step children"

I saw on another board some time back where someone got VERY offended that someone introdcued their family as this is my DD so and so, and my stepchild so and so. They said that you should never seperate the kids like that and they should all be considered your kids.

I am torn on this issue, while I don't ike making the kids feel not equal or adequate to the other child I think there is a difference between your child and your step child. I KNOW I won't want my DD to call anyone their stepmom, nor will I be allowing her to call anyone her stepdad. I think mom and dad are very special terms that apply to only two people in the childs life. I do feel however that there is a difference when a stepparent was there from the beginning and the other parent isn't in the picture. THEN I would feel it is acceptable. I just know for me personally I would rather my DD have an alternate name for mine or Chris's S/O that didn't involve the word mom or dad..... so what do you guys think?[/b]
Do kids actually go around saying "hey stepmom or hey stepdad"? I didn't think those words were actually used to call them by. Like I call my stepdad by his name, I don't call him stepdad. Or maybe I'm just confused on what you mean...LOL!

I bet my stepdad would feel like it was a slap in the face to not be considered a father figure to me when he is the one that pretty much raised me. My dad is my dad, er was...(not good with past tenses), but my stepdad will always be my father.
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