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May 8th, 2007, 10:04 AM
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Well, my bil calls his stepdad DAD and he also called his Dad Dad when he was alive. They were both ok with it. His stepdad was who he lived with so he "raised" him, but his DAD DAD was also around very much so and that's his DAD. Hope that make sense. It worked for THEM, but I'd be a little uncomfy having my kids calling someone else MOM.[/b]
ITA. if everyone is comfortable with it then I think it's fine... but if someone involved even has a hint of being not so ok with it I think that should be respected..... To my DD I am her one and only mom, no matter what, and I wouldn't accept her calling someone else mom.. but if it works for someone else that's cool.

^^^ITA. If DH and I were to divorce, and he remarried, I wouldn't like the idea of the new wife referring to my children as "hers." They are MY babies, no one elses. I also wouldn't like them calling anyone else mom.
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