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May 8th, 2007, 11:06 AM
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How do you all feel about the term "stepmom or stepdad? I have no prob with this!
Do you think it is an approrpiate term to use?yeah, why not..

I think all this is very personal.
I DO think if its been years and years and you still separate them, its a bit odd. But I dont think its rude.[/b]
Well, it depends on what you mean when you say "separate" ...
For me, my DF's daughter is my DF's daughter.. not my daughter, and I have difficulties to say "step-daughter" ... I don't know why though.
But she knows I'm her step-mom, and she has a step-dad to.
She calls me that way to others (or she uses my name).

BUT!! If her mother wasn't in her life anymore, I'd took her for my own.

If DH and I were to divorce, and he remarried, I wouldn't like the idea of the new wife referring to my children as "hers." They are MY babies, no one elses. I also wouldn't like them calling anyone else mom.[/b]

But I just think....
It's been a time when my step-mum called us her daughters...
I didn't have any prob with that, 'cuz that showed my how much she appreciated us.
but I'm not sure my mother knows about this...

Mom to Maèva (11), Nadjat (9) and Klaus (5)

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