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May 8th, 2007, 11:46 AM
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My step mom referred to me as her daughter and I HATED it. I wasnt her daughter and didnt want to be, but I was a shy child and it was very hard to tell her that. I refused to call her mom or step mom, I just said her name. I still call my stepdad by his formal name (Mr. Last name) because he was my principal when my mom married him and it just didnt feel ok to call him anything else and I was older when they got married, so we didnt develop more than a amiable relationship.[/b]
I feel the same way as you and I have never even had to deal with it..... I just think mom is such a personal term only used to refer to the actual mother of a child, not birth mother obviously, but I think everyone will understand what I am trying to say..... EVen if you add step in front of it it's still the word mom, which I feel is too personal for someone that is not the mother that raises you.... I would much rather my future hubby to be described as my mothers husband...... how weird that must have been to have your principal marry your mom, you see it all the time in movies and stuff but I've never actually known anyone hehe!

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