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August 9th, 2005, 05:00 PM
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I had severe PPD with my first baby, and unfortunately I was a teen mom at the time, who was isolated from friends and family. I literally suffered in silence and with lots of tears for almost a year. This was ten years ago, so I hope that professionals now are doing a better job of screening for moms who are experiencing PPD.

With my second, when the endless (oh, and I mean endless) tears began to flow a few days after birth, I knew. I immediately spoke with my doctor who presribed me an antidepressant, which I took for less that 6 months and breast fed, with no side effects to my baby. It was such a life saver, and it was great to have a doctor and family that understood that my coping mechanism needed to be meds until my hormones cooled off.

Don't be afraid to explore medication or other alternatives when suffering from PPD. PPD can be severe and debilitating and can really impact your ability to parent . . . and you do NOT have to resort to sucking it up and waiting through it.

Just my thoughts . . . [COLOR=blue]
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