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May 10th, 2007, 08:39 AM
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The seems to be a general distrust and, dare I say, hatred of medical personnel with some mommies on JM. I'm all for holistic healing and herbs but, I personally put more creedence into people who have attended medical school (with the exception of trained and certified midwives). What's the deal ladies? Do you not like doctors?[/b]
I think the more I learn about childbearing and doctors, I think there has been a huge shift in responsibility and understanding..

For example, I went to a waterbirthing seminar and the guest speaker spoke of going to the American OB/GYN convention and set up a booth. They were the only booth that had a video's of childbirth. Of course they were not only natural, but also in the water. She had so many medical professionals come up to the booth and say they had no idea that birthing could be done like that..

I bring this story up because it's not even the medical community's fault. We have allowed the medical community complete control over the childbearing experience. And honestly, that's not fair to them, us or the actual baby being birthed. There are places in the US where there is a 98% epi rate. Why? Because it's just standard and women agree to it. The lack of education about choices isn't out there to the medical community nor the women having babies. This is not the doctor's fault. Insurance companies, hospitals and lawyers have to have standards for their doctors. So whatever the newest recommended guidelines are, that becomes standard. This area is one of the fastest growing levels of information of the medical fields so of course the policies of hospitals and recommended standards aren't keeping up. To their credit, many women have given their power over to them anyway so it's not really a horrible crisis. (It's just not what I accept.)

I absolutely feel that doctors and their knowledge have a place ~ for about 5-10% of births. (10% being overly conservative.) But that would require women to take back their knowledge of childbearing. Honestly, I think there is a huge amount of women happy with the status quo. On the flip side, there are lots of women who are indeed met with hostility for taking back some claim to the way birthing could be.. those are the stories we hear lots of because we are on a mommies forum.
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