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May 11th, 2007, 06:50 PM
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What do you think is the best response if a child (under 18) is disrespectful? Like calls mom a [email protected]#$% or calls dad a (some other swear word). Or says "I hate you!" Etc. Or says "F#@% you" to their parent?

What about kids/teens who swear a lot (but not AT their parents or other family members). How would you handle that?[/b]
I think that this is a learned behavior. They either learn it from their parents/family members, their friends, or TV/movies/radio. My oldest used the f word once, when he was 2-2 1/2. We sat down and had a talk about how that was a dirty word and it made his mouth dirty when he used it. (I found out later he had heard it from my BIL) If when my kids are older, they use these words, I will look at what I say in front of them, their friends' language, and what they are watching and listening to as far as TV/movies/music. I will also talk to them about how that type of language isn't appropriate. But you've got to start teaching them when they are young that this isn't acceptable. You can't wait until they are preteens/teens to teach them. Not saying that they won't ever swear, but at least they will have been taught that it's wrong.
So you do not think they come out of the womb swearing? Sheesh I was scared.

The oldest (Gabe) has said one swear word in front of us and we let him know it was not allowed and he has not done it since. He also is only 10 so we will see how it goes from here. I will not tolerate swearing. As many things when they are 18 they can do what they want if they are no longer living in my house but until then it is my house and my rules.

I called a neighbor a b*st*rd when I was 11. I did not know what it meant but I was sent to my room and explained what it meant and never used it again.
Yeah, okay....I had a "DUH" moment....Sorry. I've got a sick baby and am running on very little sleep. Guess I should probably stay away from the computer for a while, huh...

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