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May 11th, 2007, 09:40 PM
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Well, well, well...

Look where I am again...

So... How have the last nine months been? Crappy...

Lots of stress, lots of eating, lots of worrying, lots of eating... you get it.

Not so good.

Since I wrote here last, I have started working as a Realtor... I am putting in some long hours, and I am gone a lot of the day... so what happens?

I eat fast food.

I'll admit it... I like fast food. I do. I know its terrible for me, but a McD's $1 Double Coronary Burger is yummy. Its awful.

I know this... and I've been looking at myself in the mirror lately... actually looking, and I don't like it... so I decided, this morning, that I was going to start doing something about it... instead of just making excuses for myself.

So, I got a text from DH early this afternoon...

Him: What's your schedule like today?
Me: GOt an appt at 11 and ay 4... why?
Him: Just wondering. Come home if you can when you can.

So, my 11 called and rescheduled... okay, I'll run home... see what's going on.

Get home...

Me, "What's up, baby?"
Him, "I just wanted to talk." very aprehensively...

"About what?"
Him, "You need to lose weight."


Yeah... much.

And I don't hate him for it... I don't even disklike him for it... it's the truth... but as they say... the truth hurts.

So... here I am...

And yes, I have his support. And, I have a gym membership...

I just need the motivation.

I made a goal this morning, before I even talked to him, that I would lose 20 pounds by our birthday... September 18th.

Four months... 20 pounds.

I can do this.

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