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May 12th, 2007, 06:03 AM
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Without knowing the situation, I'm not willing to jump on this bandwagon. A parent does not automatically deserve the respect of his/her children simply by bringing the child in to the world. If I watched a teenager get verbally abused by her mother for years and one day the girl snaps and says F-you to the mother or calls her a b!tch, I'm not so sure I would have a problem with it. No, it doesn't accomplish anything, and yes, there are a lot of other things that need to happen in that situation, but I'm not willing to crucify the teenager for giving a little back of what she had been receiving.

I think that the responses in this debate are based on people wondering what they would do if their own children said these things to them, knowing in their own head that they deserve more respect than that from their children. I agree with most of the responses if the respect has been earned, but I can definitely think of situations where I wouldn't blame the teenager for lashing out like that.[/b]
total ditto to the above!

my kids are teen and preteen ... pretty cool ... I would admit I've heard them slip up with swearing speaking to each other and I just go "AHEMMMMMMMM" and they go "OOOOOOPS" lol .... I don't sweat the small stuff

They certainly know better than to speak to me or any other person in authority that way ... and I've explained to them that even among their friends it's not usually respectful so hopefully when they're alone hanging out they behave

Jacquie's right ... respect is earned ... not something demanded

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