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May 13th, 2007, 01:28 PM
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My suggestion would be to grab a few books & evne if he wont read, you read & earmark & highlight some important sections.

Some good books:
Natural Childbirth The Bradley Way - has secitons for husbands/coaches specifically, esplains it in plain terms, has pictures, very caveman/DH-oriented. lol
Birthing From Within - primarily for you, but there will be sections that say exactly what youre feeling 7 discuss why its so importnat for everyone at the birth to be supportive, not make stupid comments that can undermine a womans confidence, integrity, etc... and how respect for the birthing process is NUMBER 1!!! Highlight/earmark those parts

finally - Ina Mays Guide to Childbirth. She explains things so beautifully. It really made a difference in how my DH viewed Childbirth. he gags at baby slobber. yet, after the birth, he cleaned out the birth tub with a bucket when we realized we forgot to buy a pump, and the siphon didnt work lol. Yes, placenta chunks and all lol.

(((hugs))) I know it has to be disheartening. Have you talked to your MW or doula about these feelings & issues? I know its tough & you probably feel like you dont want to be bad-mouthing your DH to them, but theyll be a gread place to confide in & I guarantee youre not the first woman theyve had thats had to deal with this. They can probably help by throwing bits of info in from time to time to re-emphasize your POV.

((((hugs)))) I can definitely empathize, and even until the day I gave birth my Dh had his doubts. But once it all happened, and was done, he was so amazed, it really made a difference in him


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