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May 14th, 2007, 07:29 AM
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I will take you up on that once my DF actually gets into this! He understands it in the abstract ... he can say "Lauren is pregnant", but it's not real for him yet, kwim? He's seen a plastic stick with two lines, but he hasn't seen an ultrasound or heard a heartbeat or anything like that.

Once things get "real" to him, he freaks out and wants a lot more information. With this, I think it's going to be right after I start showing!

And I know the first person he'll go to is his friend, who just had a baby, but it was a "normal" hospital thing and didn't go well. So that will be scary for him. I'm going to have him talk to his cousin, who did have a UP but had to transfer to the hospital during birth, and now I guess you too. Which is a lot better as a reference because you didn't transfer. So thanks for offering.
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