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May 14th, 2007, 08:27 AM
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Hi! Welcome to the boards! I said it earlier, and I'll say it've found a great group of ladies!!!

Your boy also sounds like my Molly, size-wise. She just turned two, is 35 inches tall, and only 21lbs 5oz!! (at her last weight check I trust...the pediatricians scale was off a pound). She has little-to-no interest in food, but that's because she has an oral sensitivity and wants nothing in her mouth that she doesn't choose to (which is usually her fingers!!).

We are potty training now because no diapers fit...and we do have some...not many, but some...underwear that will fit...but then none of her clothes will. She's way too tall for 6 month clothes, but her waist fits them perfect!

Maybe us FTT parents should band together and make a clothing line for OUR kids!! Since that is one of our BIGGEST (pardon the pun ) problems!!

Anyway. Welcome to the board! I hope you'll find some of our tips...and our community as a whole...helpful and supportive!!

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