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May 14th, 2007, 08:59 AM
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I'm wondering how those of you who have adopted or are adopting chose a name for your baby? Did you wait until you had a referral? Did you choose an American name when you started the process to sort of bond with the notion of the whole daunting adventure? Did you make their native name part of their given name from you once you got your referral?

How did you learn what their names translate to in English? I've read mixed things about this, especially for China. For instance, choosing to put words together from Chinese to make an English translation might sound good in English but terrible in Chinese. I'm confusing, right? :-)

We're thinking of the name Meili Jane. Mei: Little sister, beautiful. Li: Strength. Jane: God is gracious and it's the feminine form of my grandpa's name.

My other daughters are Gracie and Ellie, so I'm looking for an "ee" sound to the name. And, I also want to honor the baby's heritage. But, I don't want to mess it all up, either. He he.

We're also thinking that we'd like to name the child in our hearts early on as we begin the journey as an initial tie to the child. What do you think? Crazy? Am I jinxing myself?

Any thoughts? I'm rambling, I know. Thanks!!!
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