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May 14th, 2007, 01:30 PM
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Thank you all so much.

DH and I talked more about it and he said he thinks he just needs some time to "get used" to the idea...and I have provided him with some things to read (some good birth stories from here, some stuff my mw gave me, etc).

I am reading Ina May's Guide right now (how inspiring!) and I have Birthing From Within and a Thinking Woman's Guide as well. My MW has a great lending library - so I borrowed them all from her.

I know DH will be super supportive and loving when I am in labor - he was amazing during labor with DS. And I know afterward he will understand and be very glad we chose HB. So I am just trying to be patient and understanding with him, and we'll get through this just fine.

Also it will help that my MW does a home visit at 36 weeks - I think having her here and being able to describe what will happen and how we will prepare will help him a lot.

Anyway - thanks for all the support.

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