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May 14th, 2007, 10:07 PM
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Hey ladies! It's been a while since I've stopped by! Just wanted to say hi, and yes, Logan and I are still alive and doing fine. -Renee

name - Renee
child's name and age- Logan 8 months (Sept. 10, 2006)
sibling's name(s) and age(s)- Logan has no sibs yet, I have two sisters
significant other's name - Nick
where do you live? - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
what is your favorite:
color- black
beverage - chocolate milk
food - I hate food, but if I gotta pick, I guess pizza
junk food - chocolate
song - Stand By Me
TV show - The Simpsons
movie - Stand By Me
how do you like to relax? - reading, tv, chatting on the phone, surfing the net, working out
how many children do you want? - probably 2
do you like sports? - not really
if so, what sports and teams? - I like to swim, but to watch I like hockey (typical Canadian: go Sens go!)
what is your dream job? - Genetic counsellor
what is your guilty pleasure? - skipping housework
are you a morning person or a night owl? - night owl
do you drink enough water? - I think so
would you do high school over again? - yes, I had a blast in high school
What item that you donít currently possess would you most like to have in your home? - an extra room (for the future baby)
tell us something about yourself not on this list - I am trying to start my own home business of tutoring

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