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May 16th, 2007, 07:36 AM
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My vent is one that I have all the time! Long story short: one of my cats is kinda old and she has what I call a "poo problem." Which means that she basically poops wherever she sees fit and it's usually pure liquid. I don't know what this cat's problem is. I keep the litter box clean so there is no reason for her not to go in there. She used to use the litter box just fine.

So I heard DH with the carpet cleaner this morning. And I thought I'd be able to escape cleaning it up just this once. But I was wrong. She had again gone everywhere after he left for work. Plus he couldn't get the cleaner to work this morning so he'd attempted to scrub the spots with laundry detergent. Not to mention that we now have to do laundry today since she went all over my stepson's bed and the towel we keep on our couch for just such an occasion. Oh, and she decided to pee all over the rubber mat that I keep her litter box on so that was an extra treat for me.

So there I am-- my whining child in her crib, sweating profusely, my stupid glasses(I usually wear contacts) sliding down my nose, while I try to clean the carpet. And the carpet cleaner that we JUST BOUGHT and have only used once, won't work. The brush won't turn and I was not about to try to figure out what's wrong with it. So I had to use the tiny spot scrubber which barely does anything at all. It took freakin' forever and it's still not clean. And the carpet is wet and gross so Alisha can't be on the floor today. So her play yard is in the kitchen now.

Can I have just one day in my entire life where nothing goes wrong? I seriously hate my life. And I hate my cat. Anybody want a cat? ARGH!!!!!
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