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May 16th, 2007, 08:28 AM
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I think that might be why I'm not a cat person.

I prefer my big german shepherd. (although, he's 13, and his breath is smelling like he's rotting from the inside out! blech!)

My whine is that I didn't have a good appointment yesterday. I was all psyched thinking I'd get some kind of confirmation on my pregnancy going okay (since I feel NOTHING). But no. She didn't touch my stomach at all, didn't do an exam. Didn't try for a heartbeat. Nothing. I don't feel pregnant, and I have no more comfort than I did before...


and besides that... I'm tired. My baby is still waking up EVERY NIGHT. I just want a decent night's sleep. My husband won't sleep in the bed with me any more because he goes in the room and has an allergy attack--I have cleaned and vacuumed and scrubbed in an attempt to get whatever it is out of the room, but to no avail. So he just sleeps on the couch while I get woke up twice a night by the baby....... ugh
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