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May 17th, 2007, 07:35 PM
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I'm pregnant with #4 and i'm almost 100% positive I do not want anymore kids after this baby is born in December. I'm thinking of having a tubal. DH doesn't sound like he want sto have a V done, I could probably get him to, but I know I don't want anymore so if he doesn't want it done then I'll have my tubes tied. I thin he's scared of having the V done, and I'm not scared to have my tubes tied, so i'm willing to do it. We both are sue we're done after 4 kids. My question is mostly about the tubal. For one, can you do it while in the hospital after the birth on the baby? How long does the procedure take? How do they do it? Does it hurt afterwards? What are the side effects, and are they short-term? Also, have any of you had a tubal and then later on been sorry you did it? If so, why?

Thanks to anyone who takes time to answer all my questions!!!

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