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December 19th, 2004, 12:33 AM
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i dont like Ava at all some lol im breaking the cycle as well....
umm im a bit partial to Gianna myself...its a pretty name
Arianna is nice too
Sophia is pretty but kinda sounds a bit snooty when its Sophie (to me at least)
Charlotte is great with Olivia but not one of my favs
Serena is also a pretty name

i think Serena or Gianna would be my top 2 picks (not necessarily together though)
and as for the boys....

Ryan im not too crazy about
Nicholas is so-so nothing to special about it to me
Jake ummm nope dont like it at all
Damian is ok though it just makes me think of The Omen lmao (yea i named my second son Devin Daman (da MANN...not pronounced "man" but like hmm lmao like a jamaican would pronounce "man" i guess lmao)...and i didnt think about the bad connotations till afterwards!! ugh i regret it...
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