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May 18th, 2007, 10:28 AM
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I am on my first cycle off NuvaRing and I am Starting NFP/FAM whichever DH is most comfortable with. I can't control everything about him. I am reading taking charge of your fertility. Interesting read. I guess that you guys can stock my FF chart to see that I am doing it right. I am pretty confident about it. Thanks for the info I have gotten from the board so far.[/b]

Welcome! Just a couple tips because Fertility Friend often interprets things falsely - but if you are confident after reading TCOYF, you will be able to notice when that always second guess it if FF says you've ovulated. If your Interpretation setting is on Advanced, put it on Fertility Awareness. Fertility Awareness has a more strict setting for giving a coverline, so it rarely gives a false one.
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