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December 19th, 2004, 09:57 AM
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I was going out with a girl for about 6 weeks, and at the beginning we felt very very strongly for each other.

I'm 24, she's 22, and we'd both had rough rides with past relationships, so i guess that brought us together quicker than normal. I'm not normally one to hop into bed with anyone... but things progressed quickly, and it was what we both wanted.

We spent the night together, used a condom, and everything was nice. We slept together once more after that before i decided that the whole situation didnt feel right to me... so i 'broke it off' if you like.

We kept in touch, we were good friends after all, and could talk freely to each other.

I got a txt from her last night, telling me she had missed her period by 2 weeks (never happened before), and that she had done two HPT's, one negative, another positive

She's seriously worried, as am i..... she admitted she's been seriously stressed the past few weeks due to our break up, and a lot of other family problems.

I've persuaded her to get to the doctors asap tomorrow to find out for sure....

So, the condom definately didnt split, of that im positive (i try to be careful and always check afterwards)... so although they arent 100%, my feelings are that the missed period is down to stress (hopefully). Doesnt explain the positive HPT tho..??

But, if it does turn out that she is pregnant... what on earth do we do? I know it's not going to work between us, i know she sees differently though.

I havent even approached the subject with her until we know for definate..... but i just see myself as far too young for a child. I have friends who had kids young, and they deserted the mother and dont even keep in touch! I've always slated them for this... but id never been in the situation myself.

My career is progressing nicely, she plans to go to Uni...... i know it sounds awful, but it would seriously hamper our lives i feel. I have feelings that tell me it would be wrong to bring up a child when the parents arent devoted to each other (god, saying that scares me!).

I'm not an idiot, i dont sleep around.... im just a very scared and confused lad (shaking as i type here!!). Im just looking for advice from people who've maybe been through the same thing if there are any on here?

Thanks for reading..... i'm keeping my fingers crossed ...

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