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May 19th, 2007, 07:50 AM
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Here it is! I finally finished it last night around 10:30pm.

To look at it, it looks simple (at least that's what I thought) but to actually DO it, it was quite a challenge! I was surprised it was as difficult as it was! The bottom is a 2-layer 14" round, the top is a 2-layer 10" round. The yellow frosting is buttercream and the stars & wording is fondant. I put some edible glitter on the stars to make them sparkly. The stars have thin wires in them and then stuck in the bottom stack to make a 3 dimensional effect. That was alot harder to do than I thought. The wire had to be thin in order not to tear the fondant, but when I pushed them into cake the fondant was too heavy for the wire to stand up right. I ended up twisting the bottoms of some of them together to make the wire more sturdy. It worked out. I think the most difficult part was stacking the cakes right. I had a hard time getting the top 14" round on without breaking it! Then I had to cut some dowels for support. I used 6 in the bottom and then 1 long one to go in the center all the way through from top to bottom to stabilize it all. Not to mention I had to use dh's jig saw to cut a board out of ply wood to put the cake on! It's been a job, and I think I've decided I'm not quite ready for wedding cakes! lol Oh! And did I mention I had to make the cap & tassle as well? The cap is just make out of a sheet of foam and the tassle is actually a skein of embroidery floss. lol
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