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May 19th, 2007, 06:34 PM
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You know, I really think he will. I had my doubts at first, but one letter/sound per week is just right for him. We randomly "quiz" him on the sounds he knows and every Monday on the way to gymnastics he looks for the letters on the signs for each light we pass (which, oddly enough, are all ones he has learned). Wednesday I was reading to the kids and Cameron was on my lap and all of a sudden he said "I know some of those letters!" He was so incredibly proud. I've come up with some "action" things as well to get him remembering those letters/sounds like my cousin suggested. Like the stair steps are each labelled with a letter and I tell him a letter, he finds it, and jumps from that step to the ground while yelling the sound the letter makes and putting written letters on the floor and he has to step on them when I call out a sound or letter name or he just randomly walks across them telling me the letter sounds of each letter as he steps on it. Just a bit ago I went through his four letters and he told me the sounds and then wrote M, B, and T in the air with his finger, but needed a little help for F (but after I showed him and told him "big line, little line, little line" for capital F, he made the lowercase F on his own).

Good idea for seeing about adding it to the homeschool review site. If nothing else I can put them on Sonlight's site.

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