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May 21st, 2007, 02:56 PM
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birth story....

yesterday i said today was a good day to have a baby lol

Well last night i was chatting on msn to my friend, and yip she agreed today would be a good day,

well at 855 we finished chatting, and went ofline,
at 9pm my waters broke, DH was on the ph to his friend so I waited 20mins for him to get off i didnt wanna tell him while on ph,

DH made me ph the mw right away, and she came over @10 to check things out, and because i have fast labour decided to stay, since its a 30min drive
I wstarted having some random bh contractions for a while but they were about 10 mins apart, and painless, I was actually getting board with the waiting was now 1145pm and thought maybe I should just head off to bed

well at 12 real contractions hit, one after the other,
@ 1225am I felt I needed to pee, and went to the bathroom,
and decided that would be a nice spot to deliver my wee girl
Josephine made her apearance at 1237am
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