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May 21st, 2007, 11:04 PM
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My husband and I found that funny.

If your child is out and about and learning and growing even when away from home we don't see that as an issue. Now Mattmos had friends that were homeschooled and not really allowed out of the house much at all. They had a hard time with getting out and into group things like extra stuff. But he says they did well once they started. He says they were very proper and had a different sense of humor than most. That made it hard to be with the normal schooled bunch. But isn't that what happens anyway in homeschool? I am reading a HUGE book by Gatto called "The Underground History of American Education". In this book he outlines the childhoods and lives of important men, men who built our country. This was exciting as I had always brought them up to my husband in this respect.

If you send your child to a structured, fit all high school and the teacher is teaching them all the same, you might have some problems with a child that was schooled free and was taught to think and work on their own. This is because these children are broken and pounded into the mold so to speak at an early age and if they can't mold they are labeled with some such nonsense or other. They need help.

If you look at Edison, Washington, Lincoln, etc. You will find that they were running and shaping their own lives and fortunes by the age of 10-12! If you read up on them they were flunked out of schools because they were bucking the system so to speak. Edison, after leaving school, would print up papers in the back of a train car and sell it for like 25cents. It was about the news on the war. He could get it out in record speed and he earned ALOT of money doing this. No one told him to do this, he did it himself. He taught himself by trial and error. And as a start to his lightbulb, well he had phosphorus and he made a wee bit of an explosion in that train car! He was 12 years old, making 25 percent more than the average school teacher of the day.

Children (not just homeschooled) who are free to explore and learn and read anything (even if we think they can't understand it) they can find will grow into free thinkers. But it doesn't mean that free thinkers and someone who is well learned can't do well in college. In fact, they do well! For some it must be hard to listen to some dude go on and on and on about something they could have probably taught themselves in middle school....but they are smart....they know they need a credit to get to that degree they so want.

I know that I would not like college. I took one of my classes for my midwifery schooling and it was horrible. I learned a handful of things that yes will help me...but I could have read the book and learned even more on my own. I feel it is a waste of my money and time. BUT, I needed that credit. got my credit.

Matthew and I know plenty of homeschool graduates that are in college and out. They did well!

Have you heard Heather's story on here? She was something else as a young homeschool graduate....maybe she will share that story with you.

What I am trying to get at is that in a homeschool a child can learn to the moon! There are no tops on the jars of what he can learn. If you look at our founding fathers you would see them doing college level stuff in the early teens. And this is after years of unschooling. They would finally find the need for this info and teach themselves! Heck, even early schools of the day wouldn't take you if you couldn't read, write, and do simple math. They considered that easy and every child should know it! Today, that is considered HARD! I can't tell you how many parents beg me for a secret to my kids reading success. I tutor one of those kids. She was going to fail, in a months time of working together she will pass her grade. We spent 10-20 minutes a day together and she is passing!

Yes, it may be harder for a homeschooled kid to go out and find his way in a world of people educated the same and who need constant supervision and direction. But they can do it. This is because they can problem solve and run their own business if they so need too. They don't need constant supervision and direction. Being schooled in a free way will grow minds like Lincoln and the others! Of course they will have to break down some walls in their lives. But doesn't everyone at some point?

And what about those kids in ps who never make it to graduation? Scores of kids don't even make it college, they are bored and tired and turned off to learning before they can even start their lives. Every homeschool graduate I know is in college. Matt knows a few who aren't, but again they are running their own business.

Sorry, I am very passionate about this!
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