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May 22nd, 2007, 01:21 AM
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I don't find this to be a true statistic being a homeschooled child myself. I went to college and am still going to college. So are my siblings. The only problem I had with professors is more of the fact that I was so used to self education it was different to listen to someone else. Though parents help mold and teach their kids, most homeschoolers end up being the masters of their education and become self educated. This is a big reason why many universities like homeschoolers, they know how to study and learn on their own because they have been doing it for years. Thus requiring less of the professors as far as help and tutoring. It might be different to have a professor and someone else teaching, but I soon found I learned more by my own study anyway.

Its true that the biggest difference with homeschoolers is that though college is great (I am still trying to pursue my degree even if I get it well into my 30's) they don't see their learning as a piece of paper. I don't see my striving for a degree as this thing I have to quickly do and I don't ever feel that my homeschool is done. I learn all the time. I teach myself and it isn't true that homeschoolers can't handle professors. My brother is headed to med school, my sister is attending a private university going into art- though taking a few semesters off to live in China twice, Ukraine and Russia- and my other sister is doing the same as I am, being a mom and continuing to learn.
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