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May 22nd, 2007, 06:49 AM
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I would like to see the research on it. I cannot image that the college drop out rate for hs'ers is any higher than for ps'ers.

Like Heather, I too was a early hs grad. I didn't start college as young as Heather, but I did finish hs by the time I was 16 and started college full-time at that point. I was in the Honors Program right from the start, had scholarships, graduated with highest honors. I was a peer advisor as well. And in the Honors Program one student and one professor are the head of the Honors Committee that selects/develops courses and such and I was the Student Coordinator for my last 2 years (one I graduated my younger sister became the the Student Coordinator actually). The Valedictorian the year before I graduated was hs'd all the way through. All of my sisters who were hs'd went to college: 1--is a journalist and teaches at a university herself now; 2--has her Masters and a fantastic career; 3--has her Bachelor's and has a great career as well. We all did excellent in college. 3 of us were in Honors Programs. 1 wasn't by choice...she chose not to be because she was already very busy...editor of the school paper, on the student senate, peer advisor, tutor....

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