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May 22nd, 2007, 07:00 AM
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What research is he talking about? I'm guessing he's actually pulling this "research" out of thin air. I did a google and came up with nothing except something from the national education association (notoriously anti homeschooling) about how not following the NCLB stuff our homeschooled kids are destined to be failures (uh, sure...). Otherwise absolutely nothing.

As a homeschooled kid/homeschooling mom I have known lots of kids who went to college, myself included. I cannot think of any that dropped out. However,
1 in 3 college enrollees drop out. I know 2 that attended public school and one that attended private school that dropped out after a year (my father, my mother, and my husband, though my husband is going back to college now... and my brother, public schooled all the way through, was invited not to come back after his first year, though he changed his major and ended up getting a PhD and now teaches college lol). If 1/3 of all college enrollees drop out, then sending them to pucblic school certainly doesn't guarantee anything about college success.

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