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May 22nd, 2007, 03:45 PM
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In college right now myself there are some teachers that you just don't get along with. The problem is most student don't they can switch out of those classes. Students also need to learn to ASK other students who they liked and why. They also need to use office hours not only for help with there work but question that have to do with more info then class and advisers for future classes. I think many are discouraged because a lot of teachers talk down to the student and have a holier then thou attitude. If there's issues they need to talk to the teacher. If a teacher knows you by name, face and knows your trying you'll most likely pass with a high C+ or higher no matter what. These are the main thing people don't know that makes them leave college Whether public schooled or home schooled. It's only three hours a class a week anyway.

The story happens a lot because learning in high school and learning in college are different. High school does not prepare for college. If you are really concerned I would call colleges and ask how to better prepare your kids for college.

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