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August 8th, 2004, 05:07 AM
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It was on the idea. When I work our son cooks dinner for him and dad. And does the dishes. Ha. I got home last night. Son did not make no dinner. I said oh well. Then you starve tonight. I'm not cooking. I cooked all day at work. I go in our room to sit down and relax in front of the tv there. Our son says no fair I get to eat and he don't. Cook me something. I said S.OL. It's your job on days I work. He was mad I came home with a croissant sandwich with egg salad in it from work. I did not cook him nothing. Then I asked dh what did son do all day. Nothing. Did he even go out back and wack the weeds or do any of the yard work. Nope. I yelled at son about that. He says why don't I shut up about it. That having a job does not get you out of your work at home. I said well how about when Uncle Tim comes over I tell him to take your computer. You heard me tell him he's got my permission to take it for a while if you don't do your work around the house. Our son is 15yrs old. Then a little while after I was home. Son says can I go stay at Daves house over night. Dh says whatever. Well you gotta drive me there. Dh says I don't feel like driving you. So son goes off pouting. I said well ride your bike there. Oh that's 5 miles. I said well you and another friend were going to do it last week. So do it now. He just wanted dad to drive him. Dh said he might of if son did the work I asked of him. It's going to be the same thing today. I'll get home and none of his chores will be done. Then last week one day. I came home from work. I see son doing dishes sort of. He says oh good your home. You can do them now. I let them sit. He finally did them. I told dh if nothing gets done at home while I work. I might as well quit working. Why should I go to work. Work my butt off for 8 hours then come home to do house work on top of it. I'll do work on my off days at home. But work days our son must cook supper and do dishes.
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