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May 25th, 2007, 08:23 AM
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You are right that it is really sad because it's all about the kids. My cousin used to carpool with another girl to the gym. They are high level competitors so they are there 40+ hours a week plus competitions around the country. The other girl - who was 10 - revealed that if she didn't do well in competition her father - a local minister! - would beat her. She always had unexplained bruises. Well, that explained it. At competitions the girls are always bragging about what their parents are going to buy them if they win. New gym bags, new leotards, etc. Carleigh (my cousin) won one competition and the other girls were saying what they would have gotten and asked Carleigh what she'd be getting and she said "I don't know. I guess I'm gonna get some pie!" They had a pie in the freezer and she would have gotten it regardless but she felt like she had to come up with something to get. Carleigh won a regional competition recently and she was excited about the stuff winning the competition got her (warm up suit and a couple other things), but her parents said good job and that's it. It seems strange that so many parents are basically bribing their kids. Carleigh's out there competing because she really truly enjoys it.

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