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May 25th, 2007, 08:45 AM
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Me, too... I've heard that what you say is very true and pretty much universal in the world of sports. That's one reason why the gym we take our kids to has a strict "no coaching from the observation deck" rule. If they think you are coaching from the waiting area they will ask you to leave and come back after the class is over. And that's just for regular classes, not gymnastics meets. I've noticed that there are some moms (since in gymnastics it's usually the moms) who are the "stage mom" sort. Their child, no matter how talented, is always the best and they will consistently put down other kids to "prove" it. It's really crazy.[/b]
Yep, I lost a good friend over that. She was constantly putting down Madison to make her own daughter look better in gymnastics. I took it and took it until one day she said, "Lauren is the best one on level 2." Well, I had had enough and finally spoke up and said, "Well, Joyce, I beg to differ." I told her that most moms thought the very same thing about their own child. Let me just say that it didn't go over well. Then, it was over for good when we went to our first meet and Madison did better than Lauren.....quite a slap in the face for her mom. Can you believe that she wouldn't speak to me after that.
As for me, I tried to never compliment my own child without pointing out the strengths of the other girls too. I just get sick of parents. I'm not saying that I am perfect..not at all....but I don't try to build myself or my children up by cutting others down.
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