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May 25th, 2007, 08:46 AM
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Yeah. That's part of the reason we chose to keep Cameron in the recreational program even though he was invited to join the competitive program. Ridiculously expensive (we pay $14.75 per week currently which is one hour a week; developmental pre-competitive team is 4 hours a week and would cost $45 a week; competitive team runs as high as $200 a week depending on level) and the environment can be crazy. I'm glad Carleigh seems to have a good view of it. She goes out and does her best and she wins sometimes and she loses sometimes but she always has lots of fun. I think she may win a lot partly because she doesn't care if she does or doesn't and her parents aren't pressuring her to win either. I'm very happy with our one hour per week at the gym just for fun, socialization (including for me lol), and exercise.

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