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May 25th, 2007, 08:56 AM
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Yep, I lost a good friend over that. She was constantly putting down Madison to make her own daughter look better in gymnastics. I took it and took it until one day she said, "Lauren is the best one on level 2." Well, I had had enough and finally spoke up and said, "Well, Joyce, I beg to differ." I told her that most moms thought the very same thing about their own child. Let me just say that it didn't go over well. Then, it was over for good when we went to our first meet and Madison did better than Lauren.....quite a slap in the face for her mom. Can you believe that she wouldn't speak to me after that.
As for me, I tried to never compliment my own child without pointing out the strengths of the other girls too. I just get sick of parents. I'm not saying that I am perfect..not at all....but I don't try to build myself or my children up by cutting others down.
How AWFUL! I'm like you. I point out all the kids' stengths to my kids. With gymastics there's just so many different things that of course kids will be better at some things than others. There are four boys in Cameron's class and Cameron actually is the best in his class and I'm not just saying that because he's my kid. It's more a matter of he should have moved out of that class (level 1+2) 3 months ago. We kept him in there because he has to change coaches when he moves up and we really really like his coach. Plus we'd have to move to a different time for class. And we felt he needed more time to learn the lingo and get to know the equipment better. His coach really works with the boys on whatever level they are so he's definitely not being held back by staying in that class. He'll move up in the fall since all the classes change then anyway. However, even though Cameron is the best overall there are things the other boys are better at and I point those out to Cameron and the other moms. Cameron honestly doesn't know he's at a higher level than the other boys. It might be a boy thing, but he just plain doesn't notice. All of us moms cheer on our boys and it doesn't matter whose kid did it, we are happy they did a good job at whatever they did. Ani's average in her class and we talk about how so and so is really good at beam and so and so is really good on vault and all. Ani's strongest point is bars. It's been a great learning experience for her to see how different people have different strengths. It's one thing I really like about our gym. The classes are dual level combined (1+2, 2+3, 3+4, etc.) so the kids are sometimes at the top and sometimes at the bottom. Sometimes they are helping others improve and sometimes they are the ones being helped to improve.

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