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May 25th, 2007, 04:36 PM
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My concern with reading levels is this: I've noticed that just because my son can READ it doesn't mean he can infer the meaning from the text around it. So he might be able to read "mystic" or something, but he's still not likely to know what the heck it means! And some of the words on this list are the same way: try explaining "breathtaking" or "sorcerers" or "foretold" to a FOUR year old. Yeah, eventually they'll understand it, but only with some good explanation.

Reading and understanding are so different to me, and understanding is MUCH more important, IMO, even if that means the child is reading books that are "below" his level. Even with read alouds, I stumble on things and think "I need to stop and explain that or the rest of this page isn't going to make any sense to him!" I can imagine how he feels when he's reading on his own.
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