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May 25th, 2007, 05:03 PM
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What's the book?[/b]
Barbie of Swan Lake: A Junior Novelization (She loves Barbie

One the back it does say "RL1" Which should mean first grade.

And on Amazon it says "Reading level: Ages 4-8"

Here is a random quotes from the chapter she read today:
"Odette watched as, one by one, the other animals magically transformed back into their elf elves. Only Odette remained trapped in the form of a swan."
"The queen tried one more time. Suddenly, in a shower of magical sprinkles, Odette transformed back into her human form."
"With Lila leading the way, Odette set out on her most dangerous journey yet. Lila's glowing horn showed the way along the banks of the moonlit lake. Soon she and Odette reached a brightly colored toadstool. "Here we are, " Lila said.
"Odette pulled out the leaf with the Fairy Queen's mark on it. Instantly, the mark of the queen sparkled, and the doors of the toad stool opened.

Here is another quote, not from the chapter she read today:
"The sun cast its last pink rays over Odette as she lay unconscious, still in the form of a swan. As the sun sank from view, she transformed back into her beautiful human form. With her blond hair around her face and her lovely ball gown spread around her. Odette looked like a princess. But the Magic Crystal in her crown no longer glowed or sparkled.

Okay...picked random quotes...didn't look for easier or harder paragraphs. That should give a better idea. It still seems a little ahead of GL:1 to isn't difficult. But first grade is when most kids are just learning to really read books. More like Green Eggs and Ham and such. Which has the same reading level and age range. I tried to look up the Swan Lake book in the Lexile database, but it wasn't there. It seems a bit more sophisticated and difficult than Green Eggs and Ham and Inside, Outside, Upside Down....which are given the same reading level and reading ages. lol.

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