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May 27th, 2007, 03:29 PM
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Hi Rebecca! I read your post about your ex refusing to allow you to homeschool your son. I am not familiar with the law in your state but where I live, the custodial parent has the right to make decisions about education and religion. I have maintained a friendship with my ex so, I am not sure that I would make that decision without his approval... On the other hand he has no problem with homescooling so I cant say for sure if I would or not. Just a thought.


Thanks for your input! In our divorce papers, my ex is listed as a joint parent - however, I am custodial until he lives closer which he never will. He also mandated that it say in the papers that any decision of importance in the child's life had to be made and agreed upon by both of us. Back then I thought "no big deal" but over the years, it has become a big deal. My ex and I have remained friends which is lovely, but he is very dead set on a lot of things. He wants Bryce in private school. And honestly, I am not fighting it yet for two reasons. #1 - Bryce still wants to be in PS until 6th grade. He has made friends, he likes his teachers, and his school is elementary and so far has been safe. It is also across the street from my house!! Last year I was very involved with his class and at his school and have seen good things from there. I also know his teacher for next year very well and she is a great person and great educator. SO I am not feeling terrible about next year. However, I REFUSE to send him to ps after 6th grade (middle school and high school) so then is when the poverbial sh*t will hit the fan. LOL #2 I am thinking that, at that age, though, Bryce's opinion will count and I intend to make homeschool the only choice he would ever want to make.

And besides, I have summers with him - and he will have that touch of my education style before he ever has to make the decision. It does not, however, protect him the way I would like to from the garbage that can and does go on in PS around the country. That is killing me!!
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