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May 27th, 2007, 10:16 PM
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Hi im new here, and I think its ok to post here. My son was born July 18th, 2006 at 7lbs 9oz great weight considering babies in my family are normally 8-11lbs, for his first 4 months he gained weight like no other because of acid reflux he gained almost 10lbs in 4months, always between 75%-95% Then January came around 6mo old and he only gained 1lb 3oz. in the 25%... in february we went back(hes got some other issues so we are at the doctors almost every month so far) he only gained 3oz, then march at 8mo he lost weight he went from 18lbs 10oz in february to 18lbs 5oz in March. At his 9month visit in April he was only 18lbs 14oz in the 20% and then a couple weeks back in May at 10months old he was only 19lbs 2oz down to the 15%. The doctors arent' sure why hes not gaining, hes not mobile like a normal 10month old because of his muscularskelatal issues and he doesn't poo with out medication and sometimes that doesn't work. He nurses around 5x's a day for 10-20min each time and still nothing. If hes down to the 10% on the 15th of June they are going to put him on Whole Milk...
any one started whole milk at 11mo any issues?
Is different for me to see him not gaining weight, my family are all big big people and when me and my brothers were young we gained 2-3lbs a month in our first year.

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