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May 28th, 2007, 10:05 AM
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When we divorced, Bryce was 2 years old and I was a full time working mom. If I hadn't kept working, I couldn't have supported Bryce alone. So, back then, I had no idea this would be an issue now.

I am going to do summer school with him. He started multiplication today and OMG this kid is so smart. I LOVE working with him!! He had them all finished in 15 minutes. I give him one week to have them memorized and move on to division. Seriously. This kid is just so bright. I have always really enjoyed working with the kid who "get it." I was one of those kids and Bryce is too, I guess. But seeing what a great learner he is makes me sad that I won't get to watch him learn through the school year.

Private school is a step up for public and Robert (the ex) has agreed on that...and even has agreed to pay for it, so that is better than nothing, I guess. If Bryce wants homeschool when he is 12 or 13 and Robert says no...we may be able to fight it and let Bryce decide as long as I have a good record and proven ability to homeschool him.
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