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May 28th, 2007, 01:01 PM
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I know we all get a lot of these and I know it is easy to let them get to us, so to stop fretting about it I just wanted to vent. I have a good friend and neighbor who has decided to homeschool. She is doing a great job so far and her son is only kindergarten age and her other son is 4. She and I may disagree with some parenting things, but in all I think she is a great mom who is trying. Where I live everyone seems to think ill of her parenting already and now with the homescholling they are brutal when she is not around and yet nice to her face. I am always sticking up for her when they go off on whatever about her. Anyway, I am sitting there and my friends and HER friends and neighbors start saying "It takes a really good mom who disciplines to homeschool and she is NOT that mom." and then someone else says "She told me that in 3 years her kids will be smarter than mine (which I KNOW is not true she never speaks badly about anyone and would never say that ) and all I want to say is I will give her my contact info and in 3 years we will SEE who's kids are smarter" They said a few other choice ones about homeschool and her and suddenly they realize I am right there and they all try to back-peddle. I stick up for her and tell them she is being very educated about it and has gone to many homeschool conventions and that homeschool is not the type of thing that most parents take lightly and she knows what she is doing.

I don't know why the ones who were homeschooled get the comments to their face. I get people telling me homeschoolers are weird right after I say that I was hs. They all tell me to my face how stupid it is and I don't know why they think it is better to tell the one who was hs instead of the parent homeschooling.
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