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May 28th, 2007, 01:27 PM
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Well, my best friend who just told me my kids were going to be weird - her fiance was homeschooled. Hmmmmm......I think that no matter what you do, people will not agree with it. I spank my kids. Lots of people do not. I used cloth diapers and disposables, some people find that insane! I stayed home with Scotty - some moms think working is the way to go, other actually got angry with me because I could stay home and they couldn't. You know, to each his own. This is my choice and they aren't going to rain on my sunshine.

As for your friend - if those people don't have the guts to tell her this to her face, then she has no use for them anyway.

Oh, and her kids, if they are naturally academic minded, probably will be ahead of the kids her age in PS. That is just fact.
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