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May 28th, 2007, 09:29 PM
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We have primer. There is no prerequisite apart from being able to count to 9. The first lessons are all about helping them recognize 0-9 The workbook opens up I think (It is in ds's room and he's napping so I canít open his door to get it) with 3 'sums' Count the number of blocks and circle the correct answer on the number line. These are black and white line drawings. DD likes to colour hers in. We do a page only every second day or so. Sarah isn't a work book type kid so on the other days we might play a board type game or a computer game or watch the leap pad math circus. Sarah still needs a lot of help remembering how numbers look. That is recognizing that 3 is a three.
Lesson two introduces the kids to which number is correct. So if they count 4 dogs they will be given a 4 and any other number up to 9. They need to colour the 4 and cross out the incorrect number. There are plenty of pages to practice these things on. lesson 3 involves a given number up to 9. They have to count and colour in that number of blocks in the picture. It's a rectangle made up of squares. We are just on lesson 4 which is on shapes. From lesson 3 the amount of sums per page goes up. With the colour in the box pages you get 6 sums to do.

DD enjoys playing with the blocks. We also have the skip counting cd. Lol there has been some discussion on that before on some people would rather listen to a cat on a blackboard it seems! I find it bearable, but not great lol.
Hope that helps some.

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