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May 28th, 2007, 09:55 PM
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It does a lot actually! Eathan seems to be picking up the math much faster than the alphabet. When I started showing him the numbers, he recognized them up to 6. I think it is from a computer game we have, but anywho! He even has the concept of addition, in that he knew that he had 2 fishing poles and wanted another one and we told him he already had 2 and he said he well then he would have 3. He says things like that all of the time. Mainly with adding 1, he knows the answer. If you asked him what 2+1 was he couldn't tell you, but tell him you have 3 balls and you get another one and he knows it is 4. I think he uses the visual in his head, kwim? The primer is probably at his level then. I'm going to look into getting it then when we really buckle down for math. Now I have just printed off some worksheets for very basic math concepts and number recognition. more thing. I read somewhere a while ago that children couldn't understand the concept of amounts and the value of numbers until 5 or 6. Do you guys think that is true?? I don't b/c of Eathan, but I second guess myself sometimes and chalk his answers up to a good guess.

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