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May 29th, 2007, 05:39 AM
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I think it's just like reading. SOME kids have no concept of numbers until 5 or 6 just like SOME kids can't read until they are 7 or 8. It doesn't mean it's true for all children. Ani had an incredible sense of place value at 4. She was also reading at 4. Cameron is starting to get numbers now and he will be 6 in October. He's also just now started to get reading. All kids are different.

We use Primer with Cameron. He generally does a page a day and is almost half way through. There really isn't a true prerequisite for Primer, but I personally think it would be helpful for a child to know the numbers 0-9 already or be a fast learner. It goes quickly through numbers and that's where Cameron came to a dead standstill. He could get 0-5 but 6-9 he didn't get until March-ish. Since then he's been able to progress much more easily. He's even getting place value now. Primary is considered a kindergarten level, Alpha first, Beta second, etc. give or take. They aren't really "grade level" since they are mastery by subject but that's about it. Ani started with Alpha.

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