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May 29th, 2007, 03:50 PM
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I'm getting my house back, which is a good thing. He's going to go live with a friend until this summer school session is over and then move back to East Texas where he grew up and finish college up there.

Here's his latest thing. He has decided that subconsciously, I am pushing him away because he reminds me too much of my Mom's death. We started dating a couple of months before Mom died, and got married about 9 months after she died. He thinks now that he reminds me of that traumatic time in my life and that every time I look at him, all I think about is Mom dying, and that I will never get over Mom's death while I am married to him, so I am having to divorce him in order to get over my grief of losing my Mom.

What about the emotional and mental abuse? What about throwing things around the house and cussing at me and the kids? Doesn't any of that come into play? And if it was all about losing my Mom, wouldn't I have needed him to leave long before now? It's been 5 years!

So again, he is just trying to justify it however he can to keep himself from looking like the bad guy. Sometimes I wish he would keep those opinions to himself, though. Or share them with people besides me.

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