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December 21st, 2004, 11:35 AM
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My husband came up with the name (Natalie Ryann) at first I really didn't know..
But the more and more I said the name & especially when I found out that ours was def going to be a girl, I really love the name!!!
I can see our baby being called Natalie Ryann..
We are still in debate weather or not to call or Natalie or Ryann..
Right now its a little of both!
My dad calls her Ryno, which I think is so cute!!!
I'd say most of the time she will be called Ryann.....
<center><p style="background:white;"><font face="verdana,arial,sans-serif" size="1" color="black">Natalie Ryanne will be here soon... I am...</font>

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