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June 1st, 2007, 10:18 AM
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We don't have all of our stuff in yet, but we're doing it anyway . And we love it. Today we hung our map (we didn't buy their expensive one, but just hung one of our own and will make our own "characters" to go on it), hung our bullein board, hung our flag poster, talked about the map of the world: where the biggest country is, where the biggest desert is, where the longest border is (and while we were at it, learned what a border is!). Then we looked at a picture of the earth at night and talked about how some people don't have electricity (as witnessed by the dark spots on the map). We talked about what our life would be like without electricity. Then we reviewed the continents and colored each continent a different color on the map, and labelled it 1, 2, 3, etc. so that they'll know the order in which we'll "visit" those continents. We took our "passport photos" (which I need to upload to get printed!) and after lunch we'll read our read-aloud.

It took about an hour, and while they were coloring, I got to use my sticky note system to plan out our first unit of science. I love the sticky-note system. It's totally me .

When I ordered from WP, I didn't order one book that I regret not ordering and I also didn't order a LA program for Samuel. I think I was planning on using First Language Lessons, but I've changed my mind so I'm going to order the LA2 for him to work through this year. It will beef up the reading a bit (a friend who was looking at the guidebook said "Isn't this WP? Where's all the literature?" LOL) and fill in some gaps in his self-taught reading and spelling (maybe). I'm also hoping the vocabulary program will help a bit with his reading comprehension.

I do have one big complaint about WP: they REALLY have a high markup. I've gotten all of my books from Amazon either new or used and saved a minimum of $5 per book. And looking at the LA today, the workbooks are maked up almost $4 each!! That's just CRAZY high. It frustrates me that they are marking up that much because I'd love to give them my business, but I just can't at that price!
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