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June 1st, 2007, 05:59 PM
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So tomorrow is Emily's daisy bridging day. The girls will be bridging into brownie's and the brownie's are bridging to Jr's. We recieved a letter early this week staing what time she should be dropped off...she has to be at the park at 10am...parents are NOT allowed to attend until 4:30pm! This is a HUGE deal to me. Joe and I are having a terrible time with this...I have attempted several times to call the troop leader(of the gril scouts) but she either wont answer her cell phone,or she has a child answer it and they just say "daisies are to be at the park at 10am"...and then hang up on me.

What would you all do?

Here is a copy of the email I sent to Emily's daisy leader. I'm sure I wont be winning a popularity contest anytime soon...but,this is my child and I need to make sure she is safe. I'm just NOT ready for an all day event,at a park...without parents!

Hey Kim,
I have attempted to call Traci ##### on several occassions and have not been able to get ahold of her,or any adult to answer my concerns. I have misplaced the paper,so I cant call the other number on it.
I have some major concerns with leaving Emily up at ##### for the entire day. Not sure if you are aware or not...but Emily escaped the school this year. She was outside of the building,ready to walk home before a teacher spotted her and informed the teacher. This is the way Emily is...she wonders off,becomes curious and adventous and doesnt think about consequences. To be perfectly honest,her Father and I dont let her out of our site...other then to attend school and be at *some friends houses. Neither of us are comfortable letting her stay at a park,without our supervision for any length of time. I had assumed it would be OK for one of us to be there,to make sure she is not "lost" so to speak. After the cook out this past weekend and the letter was given,we have tried to let it roll off our shoulders and just let her go...but,bottom line is...she is our kid and we have to make sure WE feel she will be safe. What are you and the other troop leaders doing to assure safety for the children? Are the children going to be 100% supervised? Does Emily truly have to be there the entire day? Or may she attend for the activities only needed for her bridging?

Thanks in advance for your response!
Nichole,Mommy to Emily and Ryan
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