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June 3rd, 2007, 10:11 AM
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For those that don't know...Paige has Microcephaly (small head/small brain) she has been delelopmentally delayed because of this. She also has fluid on her brain around her cerabellum that affects her ability to balance. On top of all of this she has really low muscle tone.
At around 9 months old we were told that due to the low muscle tone they didn't think she would be able to walk. At that time they started Occupation Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech Therapy (OT/PT/ST). The speech was mainly for eating issues at that time. She had low muscle tone in her mouth and throat as well and couldn't eat anything not completely pureed. She was just starting to roll over around 9 months and was not sitting yet.
The therapy has really helped her and she had started sitting up and then progresses to pulling up on furniture and then to walking along the furniture.
Yesterday...she decided to just let go and is now walking!!!! I was so excited that I started crying. She has come a long way and I am sooo proud of her...she is 16 months now. At her 1 year PT eval the therapist said that because of how far she had come she would expect her to walk around 18 yay she beat that by 2 months!!!!

She walks with her hands up in the is pretty are some pictures...

Good job...take a knee!

I'm a big girl now! Strike a pose!

ETA: ignore the mess in the background. I am working on cleaning this afternoon.
~ Renee ~

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